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Hello, sweet friends! CK Here! | Portland Wedding Planner Rebrand | Oregon Event Planning and Design | CK Events

Welcome to CK Events! Thank you so much for coming by to check out our new site! This has been such an exciting time for us. We could not be happier with the way it all came together. You have all been our biggest supports we are so happy to share this experience with all of you!

Kayla and I have been wanting to do a rebrand for about 3 years now but, we decided to hold off until now for a few reason. First off, we felt like we really wanted to earn this luxurious rebranding experience. We wanted to take the time to find the right person/people to help us bring our business to life and truly represent who we are. It can be tricky to bring two personalities to the forefront of a business but With Grace & Gold were able to help us with that. Andra & Kelly pulled the true importance of our business out of us and it was our love for each other and the experience we create for our clients.

When we first started out, we created our own website (from a template), then we designed some business cards and bought our logo off of Etsy. We were so excited to start our business and we knew that we just needed to get our feet wet in the beginning. We do not think that you have to start with all of the fancy things right away, it is usually more fun and rewarding to work up to those things. Now that we are 5 years into this we felt that it was time to truly invest in our business!

Another reason we held off was that we knew that we had growing to do!

The weddings we were coordinating 4 years ago look much different from the weddings we coordinate now. I do not mean esthetically, I mean logistically. The experience we offer our clients is one that we have created after years of learning and growing. Our vision of our ideal client has changed and we knew that our business needed to represent that.

CK Events is a small boutique style planning service. We built our business on the same values that we built our friendship on. CK Events keep things intimate and personal with our clients because after all, we are working side by side with you for months on end. Kayla and I hope that you will take some time to peek around our site. Learn more about us and how CK Events can help you plan your perfect event.



If you are in need of a refresh for your business we cannot recommend Kelly & Andra with With Grace & Gold enough!! You deserve it 🙂

Headshots by Dina Chmut Photography

Makeup & Hair: Makeup by Whit

Venue: Studio 1904 | Portland Wedding Planner Rebrand | Oregon Event Planning and Design | CK Events



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