5 Planning Problems, Solved

Happy engagement season!! Let the planning begin!ckeventdesign.com |5 Planning Problems, Solved | Oregon Event Planning and Design | A Lovely Day Photography

Wedding season is officially wrapped up for the CK Team. We are currently working on planning 2018 weddings, behind the scenes business care, AND meeting newly engaged clients!! I personally love this time of year for a couple of reasons.

  • First off, I LOVE planning events, the day of is incredible, but the planning is what I get all nerdy about! I love all of the details. I love spending the time with our clients and introducing them to new vendors, working on floor plans, and timelines. Wine in hand and computer open, that is my PLACE!
  • Secondly, the face to face time we get with our potential clients is a whole other kind of excitement. It is the unknown but hopeful feelings that we will connect and be able to serve this couple. We have these meetings fairly often and we have seen a common theme with questions that weigh heavily on our couples’ minds.

ckeventdesign.com |5 Planning Problems, Solved | Oregon Event Planning and Design | The Edges Wedding Photography

So, I have created a list of top 5 pressures or dilemmas our clients start feeling right when the planning begins. We hope this is a helpful list for those of you that are so excited to plan but need to get a few things off of your chest first.

1.) “My mom wants to be SO involved but we have a completely different vision”.

This comes up so much! The best advice we can give here is to take a deep breath. Understand that for the most part your mom is just very excited for you and wants you to have the perfect day! Now, her idea of the perfect day may be completely different than yours and that is where communication is key. We love our families and we do not want to offend anyone but setting the tone at the beginning of your planning is usually the most effective. Let your mom know how excited you are to have her help and start sending your visions and ideas her way. Find somewhere that she CAN help, give her a job that will not cause you any additional stress.

2.) “I do not even know where to start.”

Let me help you! The guest list, guest list, guest list! Did I mention that you should start by building your guest list?  I know, this does not sound dreamy or fun but it is so important! Every vendor you meet with is going to ask you, “what is your guest count”? It is so important for creating accurate proposals and quotes for your day. Make it fun! Head out to dinner or make a couple of cocktails at home and get to writing. I think it is helpful if you each make your own list. I also recommend splitting it up, make a family list and a friend list. Go into this knowing that the more people the higher the cost.

3.) “My fiancé just agrees with me on everything, I want to make sure he is also getting the day he wants”.

We understand that sometimes one person is way more involved with the planning. It is just a personality thing a lot of the time. One half of the couple just wants to show up and party, while the other half is concerned about how the table linens will flow with the bridesmaid’s dresses.

We get it! Chelsea and I are both married and I can tell you from personal experience that juggling that can feel uncomfortable. I had to dive deep with my husband and found out that the music mattered to him, and so did the dessert. So BAM, he had two things that he was going to dive into and I was willing to let go of. It took some pressure off of me and I felt like he was getting the say in what mattered to him. Sometimes it just takes a night out diving deep into your other half’s likes and dislikes. It is a team effort!

4.) “Both sets of parents keep adding to our guest list. It is getting out of control.”

If you are personally paying for your wedding then you have all the right to say, “WOAH!!”. Every extra person on that list is an extra meal, extra drinks, tables, chairs, floral, and linen. The list goes on and on with how the guest count has the largest impact on your budget. If you want to give your parents a little involvement here but do not want to break the bank we recommend giving them a number. Tell them that they can each pick their top must have guests. This is a great compromise that helps you keep a hold on the budget.

5.) “I am in DIY hell. Help me!”

Sometimes I think Pinterest should be reserved for recipes and inspiration for your home. It can get so overwhelming and leave you feeling like you should be able to do it all. A lot of times the DIY trap will not end up saving you as much as you would think and it can be wasteful. Instead of renting items from your florist or rental company you end up making it or buying it and then it sits in your garage for months after your day. Save your self the trouble and pick a couple of key items to DIY. Find something that you are good at or that speaks to you and your fiance as a couple and do that. If you save your DIY skills for the couple of things that will make an impact then they will truly stand out!

Happy Planning!


K + C

ckeventdesign.com | 5 Planning Problems, Solved | Oregon Event Planning and Design | Jenna Bechtholt Photography


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