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How to have the best Galentine’s day party with friends!

I read recently that women who spend more time with their friends experience lower stress levels and a higher quality of life. Speaking from personal experience, I 100% agree with those findings! Having strong friendships that endure through the years is incredibly valuable and totally worth celebrating!


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Galentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to gather your friends around for a girly, fun party to celebrate them! If you aren’t familiar with Galentine’s Day, it’s an unofficial holiday that lands on February 13th, originally created in the television series, Parks and Rec. Because of it’s irresistible “ladies celebrating ladies” premise, the holiday has gained popularity over the years and provides us with a perfectly legitimate reason to send gifts and throw parties celebrating our amazing lady friends.

I’m excited to share some of my inspiration and ideas from past Galentine’s parties in hopes to inspire you to fully embrace this awesome holiday with a party of your own! You can apply these ideas to a Valentine’s party for couples or almost any celebration you’d like to host! If you can create a guest list, then these tips can help you do the rest!

Ideas for an extra special Galentine’s Bash:


One great way to ensure your lady friends feel spoiled from the very start is to send a pretty invitation! An actual paper invite, stamp and all. You can design and print it yourself, purchase a pre-made generic party invite to fill out, or have something custom designed. Tie That Binds has lent her talents to creating beautiful custom invitation suites for my Galentine’s parties. Whichever direction you choose, consider adding some personalized touches. A few examples would be: using unique envelope liners, wrapping the invite in ribbon or coordinating string. If sending paper invitations isn’t realistic for your budget, timeline, or you’d simply like to keep it low key, there are plenty of electronic options that still stand out and give a lovely first impression! Whatever you choose, take the time to select something that reflects the tone of your party.

ckeventdesign.com | Celebrating Friends, Galentine's Day | Oregon Event Planning and Design


I adore decorating for parties! I’ve enforced a rule on myself: “Decor can only happen after my guest’s comforts are covered”. It may seem obvious, but it’s so easy to get wrapped up with pretty backdrops and floral creations. The decor sets the mood for a party but guests will remember how they felt over details like a hand-painted tablecloth. Before you go crazy on gorgeous decorations, do a walk-through of your house from a guests’ perspective. Consider adding a basket in the bathroom with some toiletries and hand lotion, light candles. Put air freshening products in places they may be needed, and put out a fresh box of tissue in an easy-to-spot location. When prepping food and beverages, make sure there are plenty of napkins, cups, and utensils where they’re needed. Your thoughtfulness will ensure the whole day will be more enjoyable for everyone involved!

Now you can go crazy on decor!

-Oversized balloons or clear balloons with confetti inside are simple, inexpensive ways to add impact to any space! Even small latex balloons are a great way to add festive color to an entry, create a fun dessert table backdrop, or simply bounce around the house to encourage impromptu games of “keep it up” (this is a fun day with your gal pals, after all, give them an excuse to act like kids for a bit).

-Streamers can also be your friend for adding color on a budget. Taping various lengths in coordinating colors to a wall makes for a fun photo booth or mimosa bar backdrop!

-Another way to add a custom touch to your party is with coordinated signs! Not only are they practical for directing guests to gift tables and drinks, but they’re also great for setting the tone and making your party stand out. Depending on the style, you can do handmade signs or design and print your own. If you or a friend are skilled at hand lettering, this is the perfect excuse to show it off.

ckeventdesign.com | Celebrating Friends, Galentine's Day | Oregon Event Planning and Design

-Flowers are one of my favorite additions to any party. Treat yourself to a few bouquets to put around the house (don’t forget the bathroom), or purchase a variety of flowers and create your own! Local grocers are often a great resource for inexpensive flowers or a local farmers market.

-If you want to add even more touches to your party, consider statement tablecloths! For my first Galentine’s party, I created this tablecloth. There are often many beautiful options to purchase online or rent from local party shops! Unique drink stirrers, fairy lights, banners, and pretty dessert planners are all simple ways to add pretty touches to your day!


Whether you’re celebrating with a brunch or dinner, be sure to include some tasty desserts to splurge on! This is a party for *all* of you to enjoy. If you’ve been working up a sweat over the oven or are worried about a complicated dessert not turning out properly, you’re not going to enjoy the day! If you love baking, do something tried and true that’s simple. You can also order custom desserts, grab a bunch of fresh donuts from a local shop, or purchase ready-made items from the grocery store. For a people-pleasing dessert spread, try to offer a variety of bite-size desserts of different flavors, colors, and textures!

ckeventdesign.com | Celebrating Friends, Galentine's Day | Oregon Event Planning and Design


While leaving time to chat and visit is important, it’s still fun to include a game or two to get everyone mingling and laughing. For an easy icebreaker, consider creating a “Guest Bingo” game that would suit your group. You can create your own or find predesigned options on Etsy. A few other fun games to do are Picture Telephone (also known as Draw and Write), Mash (yes, the classic!), and Two Truths and a Lie. Since this is a fun day for your girls, I recommend keeping the games simple, fairly short, and (most importantly) entertaining!

Favorite Thing Gift Exchange:

The idea for adding this into my Galentine parties has to be credited to one of my good friends, Katie. Katie helped me throw my first party two years ago and we included this for an extra “treat yo’self” aspect to the party. If you’re new to a Favorite Things Exchange, there are several ways to organize them. Here’s a quick rundown of how we’ve done it: Start by including a note in the invitation about the exchange. Everyone brings an item that they like (ex. Their favorite tea, scented candle, journal, etc.). When it’s time for the actual exchange, everyone selects a wrapped gift from the pile. A bowl then gets passed with cards giving different exchange instructions. For example: “Switch with anyone wearing a necklace” or “Switch with the person who drove the furthest”. After everyone has drawn a card the gifts are in their final destination. People now get to open their gift and the giver can explain why the item has earned it’s “favorite” title.

ckeventdesign.com | Celebrating Friends, Galentine's Day | Oregon Event Planning and Design

Photo booth backdrop:

Photo booths are a fun way to ensure you get some photos with your friends! You can create your own photo booth area. You’ll need a tripod, a spot with good lighting, a camera with remote, and backdrop. Be sure to include some fun props! If you’d like to eliminate the photography equipment altogether, consider doing a “selfie station”. It’s the same idea, just a smaller backdrop area, everyone can use their phones to capture selfies and group photos! You can do everything from a simple sequin tablecloth to a DIY balloon heart (instructions for the one I made here). If your group is social media savvy, consider creating a hashtag so you can easily view all the photos later!

ckeventdesign.com | Celebrating Friends, Galentine's Day | Oregon Event Planning and Design

I hope these ideas have helped inspire you to gather your ladies for a day of celebration! If they do, I’d love to hear about your wonderful parties! Comment below or tag #cklifestyle <3 Whether you meet for brunch and drinks at your favorite restaurant or host an entire party at your place, Galentine’s Day is a wonderful time to recognize the amazing women in your life!

From all of us at CK Events: Happy Galentine’s Day, friends!



ckeventdesign.com | Celebrating Friends, Galentine's Day | Oregon Event Planning and Design

ckeventdesign.com | Celebrating Friends, Galentine's Day | Oregon Event Planning and Design

ckeventdesign.com | Celebrating Friends, Galentine's Day | Oregon Event Planning and Design

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