Holiday DIY Clay Place Cards + Gift Tags

Making Holiday DIY Clay Place Cards and Gift Tags with Valerie

Happy Holidays! We can officially say that now, right? 🙂 We’re closing into Thanksgiving and then, before we know it, Christmas and New Years will be around the corner!!! It is such a cozy and happy time of year! Since we’re getting closer to the holidays, I wanted to share these versatile, simple DIY tags with you. | Holiday DIY | Oregon Event Planning and Design | Holiday DIY | Oregon Event Planning and DesignThis year I’ll be hosting Thanksgiving for my family and am making keepsake place cards! Guests names will be written on the front, and then, during dinner, everyone gets to write something they’re thankful for on the back! They can either take them home as a keepsake or I could start a collection for us to pull out each year. The possibilities really are endless! The simple steps and minimal mess make this is a great craft to do with kids as well! | Holiday DIY | Oregon Event Planning and Design | Holiday DIY | Oregon Event Planning and Design

Quick tips for making these:

Any decent quality air dry clay will work well! I’ve used everything from higher quality clay from a craft store to whatever my local department store had available. Just be sure that it’s designed for air drying! To keep these neutral, I’ve always used white clay. Have fun playing around with colors to customize them!

Get creative, the possibilities are endless! To add some fun textures you can press doilies into the clay while it’s still wet. Press stamps into the wet clay (with or without ink) to add designs, words, or numbers. Use paint after they’re dry to add flourish! Use them for tags, ornaments, wreath accents, etc.! 

While freezer paper isn’t necessary, I’ve found it works beautifully for allowing the clay to dry thoroughly. The plastic coating ensures the clay doesn’t stick, plus it’s sturdy and won’t absorb any moisture so it stays completely flat.

Cookie cutters usually leave slightly rough edges on the clay. To get a perfectly smooth edge and a polished result, use some fine sandpaper and lightly sand the edges of the dry clay. This extra step will really elevate the finished result!

If you’re planning on making ornaments, roll the clay closer to a ¼ inch for a sturdier finished result. Marble or stone rolling pins are best for giving you a smooth surface on the clay, but most quality wooden pins work well too! If you find yours sticking or leaving slight imperfections, try rubbing it down with a damp cloth to help expand the wood. I usually roll the clay out directly on my quartz countertops with a wooden rolling pin and have always had great results!

DIY Tags

You’ll need:

Air dry clay
Rolling pin
Straw – if you need holes for tags or ornaments
Cookie cutters
Freezer paper
String or ribbon

Optional for embellishment:

Fine sandpaper
Paint Pens

Use a dinner knife to cut off a manageable amount of clay. Roll to ⅛ to ¼ inch thickness. Use cookie cutters to cut desired shapes. Now you can use a straw to make holes for string and add any stamp or texture designs that you’d like! You can simply press clean stamps into the clay or add ink to the stamp first. Place on freezer paper and set aside in a safe, level location to dry for 24 hours. Be sure to store any leftover clay in an airtight container or quality Ziploc style bag. After completely dry, do a light sanding of the edges and add paint detail. If you’re using it as a tag or ornament add some pretty ribbon or string through the hole and you’re done! | Holiday DIY | Oregon Event Planning and Design | Holiday DIY | Oregon Event Planning and Design

If this inspires you to make some pretty clay creations, we’d love to see pictures of your results! Tag us with #cklifestyle or @ckeventdesign! <3 | Holiday DIY | Oregon Event Planning and Design | Holiday DIY | Oregon Event Planning and Design

Have a wonderful holiday season!!



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