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We’re excited to continue featuring incredible vendors we’ve worked with over the years! This week, we’d like you to “meet” Sherine of Vintage Meets Modern providing specialty event rentals.

CK Events - Portland Oregon Wedding Planner - Vendor Spotlight -Vintage Meets Modern - Event Rentals

Whether you’re planning your big day, a bridal shower, or a just fun dinner party, creating a beautiful setting with lovely event rentals piece will elevate your event! Sherine has curated an amazing collection of unique furniture, accents, and tableware to help set the scene for your next gathering. Each piece is lovingly cared for so you can be assured of the high quality, gorgeous accents. We not only love her collection but also love working with Sherine and know you will too!

Sherine shared a bit about herself and company so you could get to know her better!

What inspired you to start Vintage Meets Modern?

I used to work as a brand & marketing director in commercial real estate. It was while planning one of our client events that I first fell in love with the events world and also where I saw a small niche for myself. I started daydreaming about bringing to the Portland events industry new options that aren’t just different and unique but also high in quality. It’s now been 3 years. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished and I have so much more I wanna do!

Describe your personal style and how it has influenced your inventory selection?

I tend to gravitate towards a marriage of styles (hence the name Vintage Meets Modern). Mixing and matching to create the perfect haven for my clients is my favorite part. I find it hard to stick to one style for too long, there are too much beauty and inspiration from our past, our present and all over our world. I’m inspired by the vintage and mediterranean style I grew up around as well as the clean modern esthetic I used to crave in my youth, but you could say my favorite is when styles, colors and esthetics mix together to create something breathtaking.

What’s your favorite inventory piece?

Oooh that’s a tough one, I love all my babies equally! I’ll go with my favorite collection within our event rentals inventory, and that would be our dining tables. They are the living breathing representation of our motto at Vintage Meets Modern and a testament to long days, months, even years of not giving up on our vision. We carry beautiful NW Walnut Rounds, modern and clean White Lacquer Tables and our newest Alder Farmhouse Tables.

CK Events - Portland Oregon Wedding Planner - Vendor Spotlight -Vintage Meets Modern - Event Rentals

What’s your favorite aspect of working in the wedding/event industry?

Events are people coming together to celebrate a past, a present or a future. Whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary, a company event or a brand environment, events are a celebration, a coming together of people. How lucky that this is my work. My favorite part is always the end result. Seeing our curated collection and custom creations play their small part in someone’s big day.

What’s your favorite way to treat yo’self after a full wedding/event weekend?

Coming home to my little munchkins and my sweet hubby is the best treat I could ever ask for. Having the freedom to set my own hours and spend quality time with my family was a big part behind starting this business.

We love your collection, does your home look as good as your showroom?

People always ask me if my house is a perfectly styled haven. They come to the showroom and see all the beautiful furniture and decor we have to offer and assume I must live in some kind of designer’s dream home, but alas the answer is “nooooooooo.” Real life (at least mine) is a hustle and bustle; my decor of choice is obstacle courses made up of colorful plastic kids’ toys and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I find my creative escape in what I do every day away from home.

If you weren’t running a beautiful rental company, what would you be doing? (Other job, sailing the world, etc) 🙂

I’d be a Perma Vacationer. So basically I’d live in Bali or The Virgin Islands or somewhere tropical and run a beach hut cafe or something like that so I can just be at the beach all day.

If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’ve spent a year in Italy and a few months in Spain back in my yesteryears. Growing up, we resided in Dubai and Cyprus and traveled the world during summer break, traveling is in my sole. Next up I’d like to go on a Mediterranean cruise, after that, I’d like to explore Thailand and Vietnam.

CK Events - Portland Oregon Wedding Planner - Vendor Spotlight -Vintage Meets Modern - Event Rentals CK Events - Portland Oregon Wedding Planner - Vendor Spotlight -Vintage Meets Modern - Event Rentals CK Events - Portland Oregon Wedding Planner - Vendor Spotlight -Vintage Meets Modern - Event Rentals

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