Christine & Ted’s Eco Trust Wedding

Sometimes a couple walks into our office and they make us fall in love with love all over again! This was THAT couple. Chris and Ted were that giddy and in love couple. They smiled each time the other one spoke, they asked each other about their opinions and truly valued it. It was beautiful and exciting! They wanted a small intimate wedding, soft romance was what they were looking for. They both loved Oregon so much and wanted to really do their part to embrace all that it has to offer. They wanted flowers and greens that were in season, they wanted local food and delicious wine. They wanted to soak in every last minute of their wedding day. Working with this couple was incredibly rewarding and being a part of their wedding day and feeling their love is something we will always remember.

Fall wedding reception at Eco Trust

VENUE: Eco Trust
CATERING: Art of Catering
PHOTOGRAPHER: Yasmin Khajavi Photography
FLORAL: Blum Floral Design
MAKEUP & HAIR: Portland Hair & Makeup
MUSIC: David Eby Music
RENTALS: The Party Place
LIGHTING: Green Light Creative

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